An idea, a creative experience, a journey, a realisation.

At the London Landscaping Company, we believe that Garden Design & Build is a truly holistic process. A creative interaction between client, Garden designer and our dedicated in house build team.

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With 20 years experience in Garden design and build, The London landscaping Company have a proven track record and we build to last. Our commitment to realising your garden project is of the utmost importance and we work very hard to achieve this.

At the London landscaping Company we understand the principles of good garden design and the importance of working closely with the client to realise their garden and working to project timelines and budget. We have a passion for London
and the Urban environment, and to create innovative Garden Designs and Contemporary Garden spaces Our project management and landscaping teams are friendly and respectful of your space and we aim to leave you having the best of experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you and turning your ideas and wishes into a reality. Please check our testimonials and also feel free to ask for references of on going or past projects

At the London Landscaping Company, we believe that garden design & build is a truly holistic process. A creative interaction between client and garden designer. It’s your desire to create something special, unique and personal, an expression of the way you wish to live.

We specialise in the modern Contemporary. These types of gardens can have various styled themes, influences and inspirations that go to create a unique and individual space. From formal gardens, Mediterranean, Classic, Arts & Crafts Etc

Here are a few generic types Click on the below to find out more.

  • Family Garden
  • Contemporary
  • The Courtyard Garden / Outdoor Rooms
  • Roof Terrace
  • Small Gardens
  • Front Gardens
  • Front gardens with Driveways


These types of gardens can have various styled themes, influences and inspirations that go to create a unique and individual space. Click on any of the above links to find out more.

Billy Clarke Owner and head of Creative

“I like to let the Garden Design evolve naturally through the Designer client relationship and understanding of the project. Finding the key conceptual ideas from which the design comes to life, taking all the ideas, influences, and inspirational elements to their conclusion".

As a full Garden Design and build practice, we have a passion for Contemporary Garden Design within the London Urban environment and we aim to maximise the potential of your garden creating a unique bespoke space, meeting needs both aesthetic and functional, reflecting your ideas, requirements and tastes. We are an innovative, design lead company, constantly striving to bring fresh ideas, to create a unique and personal space.

Garden Design in London covers a wide range of garden types, styles, and infusions with an array of location, site terrain, client requirements and project budgets. We approach each and every project individually, exploring aesthetics, functionality and form.

The Client Brief

This is the first or early meeting whereby the client explains their ideas and requirements. These ideas are discussed and explored, with the Garden Designers input and interpretation of the project. We also discuss at this stage the Garden  Design & Build process in general, Project budgets, Planning & Licences (If required) time lines and Design Fees. It’s helpful for the Garden Designer at this stage to get as much information and understanding of the client’s requirements tastes, and style preferences. From here we develop a written Design Proposal outlining the Brief, our Design Concept overview, and Design Fees. This lets the client know that we have a good understanding the project, the client’s requirements and have creative ideas and insight to develop the project. Once the terms of the Design proposal are agreed we the move to the Garden Survey and Project Planning

Garden Survey

This is where we measure the existing garden, for use at the Design stage . We will also introduce the client to our in-house Garden Designer and Project Manager. The existing level changes, buildings, trees, utilities and services all need to be recorded. Access information is also noted, as this will have a bearing on project planning and related costs. We also take photographs of the site and use this at the garden Design stage. Pre-Design we will create an existing drawing of the garden and this will help us during the design process and give vital information eg for retaining walls, excavation volumes and garden layout. Many Garden Designs are what is termed site driven which means we use the existing landform to guide our ideas and inspirations.

Design Detailing:

We can supplement the 3d design Model also with Construction Design detailing. This is help full for the client to understand how something is built and is great for, features, stairs, bespoke built benches, etc. We can also use to show elevations on say more complicated terraced gardens, showing the build-up and relationships between various levels, retaining walls and steps. Lighting schematics are also covered at this stage, but placement is al

3D Visualisation:

This is a computer-generated model to scale showing the Garden Design layout, features, materials and planting. It can also show selected design detailing and construction detail .The garden can be viewed from many angles, showing how the design works, what you will see from key points, like from inside the house or looking back down the garden. It helps the client to understand the design, routes of flow etc. We can illustrate types of planting and how the garden will look once planted. We can also show how lighting can work and can give an idea of the atmospheres intended.

These 3d concept models are also supported by a creative visual mood board, illustrating stylisation, concepts, features, materials and atmospheres intended.

Master Plan

The final stage of the garden Design process is to create a Master Plan. This has all the detail required to construct the garden, showing dimensions, and building details, features and is the garden blueprint and final draught of the 3d Design. It's really a more in depth and detailed extension of the 3D concept and visualisation drawings. This stage can also be by passed with a view to keeping down design cost. Another benefit of using a good Design and build company is that we can estimate as we go from the concept 3d Visualisation. This is often done to keep client Design cost down and as main revenue comes from the build itself .As a Design and Build company we prefer to put the budget where it counts

Mood Boards:

The mood board is a way of showing concept ideas, illustrating how things may look, and use of materials. It can also show types of feature, detail, proposed stylisation, atmospheres intended. We also use mood boards as part of the planting design showing proposed plants for selection Click on Mood Board for examples.

Planting & Pots Design

Plants bring your garden to life as a living entity. Creating the right planting design and planting plan for your garden is very important. It brings colour, form, and texture and sent to the space and brings the garden to life. Complementing the stylisation and structure of the garden, reinforcing conceptual themes and ideas. Three-dimensional form plays a big part in the garden design and plant form embellishes the concepts at the heart of the design. Contemporary Gardens with strong clean lines and rectilinear geometry can be softened with soft textural planting and banks of colour. You could also punctuate the landscape with plants that a have a strong form giving an architectural presence. Seasonality is very important also so your garden changes throughout the year, with mini events happening all the time. Seasons of change Creating a good planting plan and planting design is a very important part of the process and can vary greatly. Contemporary Outdoors rooms, Roof Terraces and Contemporary Courtyard e.g. are high in stylisation and Architectural content but can have a small amount of planting. Larger family gardens with more traditional/formal/classical themes will generally have larger and a greater number of beds. Planting design cost do vary and are very bespoke in nature. Equally Contemporary Outdoor rooms may look for a greater Architectural impact from a good Pot and Plant Design.

Design Fees:

As a Design and build company we aim to offer very competitive Garden Design fees and can create a Design and build package. Design fees can be a percentage of build and operate on a sliding scale depending on size of project. They can also be offered as a flat rate fee This is best discussed on site as part of the brief. Projects vary greatly and we assess each project bespoke and on its own merits. A small Contemporary Roof Terrace or Contemporary Courtyard Garden can be very design intensive even though on the whole not a big project, whereas a Large Family Garden may require more Landscaping, with new retaining wall, new steps and new lawn . The garden design for this type of project is generally more straightforward and requires less time but it can be a larger budget project. This is one plus points of creating flat rate Design fees opposed to a percentage of budgets. Garden Design Fees usually fall between £400- £ 2000 for larger project Estimate, Project Management & Build: We like to present the estimate initially as an itemised list of costs, broken down into sub groups, so the client can see the cost for each element of the project . Within these sub groups there will also be costs options eg. We may present three different type of garden fencing, hardwood decking or patio costs using different stone. This gives the client the opportunity to explore design v cost. Projects mostly have budget restrictions and so important for the client to know exactly what can be achieved. As part of the project estimate we will propose timelines, key target dates, duration of project and Terms and conditions. This explains the client /contractor obligations and requirement

Project Management.

Once the estimate agreed plan start dates then schedule and we. A retainer to hold a start date and slot will be required at this stage and is 5% of Budget. This will go towards part of the 1 st 30 % payment once project under way. See Payment Schedules: The Project and client liaison will be managed by Billy Clarke, Company owner and head of Creative. The on-site and office based management will be run by Project Manager  head Designer 

This is where we start the creative work and explore the design ideas and options. We initially present to the client a set of 3 d concept designs exploring ideas with variations on a theme or separate ideas for consideration. This gives the client a good understanding of the project and areas for discussion i.e. architectural layout, key elements, and features. We also discuss at this stage the stylisation of the project in more detail. At this stage, we usually arrange a meeting with the client to discuss the ideas and to get client feedback. Once the decisions are taken we then move to present a final 3D model. As a Design & Build Company, we can start to look at costs at the earlier concept stage. This has great advantages when design v cost information could affect the project design path line and decision making, and it usually

Early Feasibility study is very valuable and greatly helps the project understanding and development We can provide construction design and more design detail as and when required on more complex projects, Often the conceptual stage is used as a feasibility study in tandem with the concept Design development allowing us to explore Design v cost options. This is one of the great advantages of Design and Build, the fine-tuning of the project as we go. It’s an efficient, and productive process.

Garden Design and Build is where one company takes the client through the entire process from initial Client brief, to creating the Garden Design , Project Estimate and through to the project build itself. It's all done in house and has great and many advantages.

Competitive Design Fees & Rates:

The greater part of our revenue comes from the build stage itself so we can offer very competitive design rates and packages moving through to the build stage.. Our creative Design team and in house landscapers allow smooth transition between the stages with nothing lost in translation. Giving greater project control and Quality of Installation; Landscaping London, and creating Contemporary garden design and build requires a high level of build control, construction knowledge and design detailing with great attention being paid to build detail to create the architectural forms and aesthetic. Garden Design and Build provides optimum results, attaining high build quality and build control with achieved project timelines. Garden Design and build offers adaptability and greater problem solving, allowing best design solutions where both aesthetic and construction design are one. When you understand at the point of Design what is possible it gives greater scope to the potential of the garden design, design strategies and scope. With our high degree of construction knowledge and proven track ability we can deliver a wide range of projects.

Design & Build is Personal:

In Building our own Contemporary garden designs we have a special emotive investment. We have a personal connection to our projects and clients. We value and have pride in our projects and it’s our desire and commitment to see them built to the best quality.

The Client Experience

Design and build offers a seamless transition from Brief to Build with the same Project Designer, Project manager and dedicated build team. Our projects run smoothly, to budget and on time. Managing all aspects of the process from start to finish with a dedicated team makes for a satisfying and stress free experience. We work with the client from start to finish with one point of contact for all your requirements. Client satisfaction is the true measure of a project and one that the London Landscaping Company covers most.


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"What a great company and fantastic professional team to work with. From the very beginning attention to every minor detail left me completely confident that we chose the right company to carry out our garden renovation project. The final outcome of the work is much better than we could ever have imagined."

David Cook, Wimbledon


"I have used The London Landscaping company for all my properties throughout London for many years now. From the start Billy and his team have been fantastic. No job is too big for them, nothing is too much trouble and there creativity just keeps improving. Here's to many more years and many more projects together."

John Wood, Fulham


"Billy and The London Landscaping Company are a brilliantly run and professional company that I have used for many years. I would highly recommend the london landscaping company to all "

Kevin Davis, Chelsea