Garden Design East Dulwich SE22

This garden design East Dulwich Se22 is the first where i designed and built two gardens for different owners on the same plot. The ownership changed a few years ago, and  I was invited to redesign and build a new front and back garden. It’s a weird feeling ripping out your own work, but at the same time excited by the new challenge and of course the honour to be invited back . The garden idea and brief had changed to more a functional approach and relevant to garden design trends and needs.The garden idea was to increase the driveway space removing the garden section allowing two cars to comfortably fit. Most family’s now have two cars and off street parking is becoming a necessity. Especially with councils forever creating parking restrictions and parking bays. What a racket that is but let’s not go there…

I wanted the front garden design,  with driveway and garden having a holistic synergy ;  to be a contemporary front garden and driveway space in its own right but still relating to the house and it period Victorian architecture. I find railings , gravels , and quality stone , especially York stone can have that effect.

The boundary rendered walls and bespoke garden railings provide a strong fresh contemporary framework introducing strong clean lines. The sawn York Stone pier caps on top creating a link to the staircase and strengthening the rhythm and architectural present of the piers. The contemporary themes tempered with the white limestone decorative gravel and reclaimed granite sets bringing in more rustic elements.

The architectural and mediterranain planting design also light and airy using various perenials and small shrubs defusing the mass, solidity and contemporary nature of the boundary walls and staircase.

The staircase design was to be kept sharp with clean lines, working the contemporary garden style and themes. I decided to have a pencil round edge to the sawn York Stone staircase instead of the usual bullnose finish as a way to emphasis the more contemporary approach.

God is in the detail !!

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