Garden Design Wandsworth SW18

A contemporary garden design Wandsworth SW18,was a low maintenance family garden, designed and built on a budget. For me good garden design is also being able to work with smaller budgets, making the right choices, putting the money where it best needed, listening to the client and delivering a quality well built garden.The generous hardwood Balau deck and artificial lawn make good social spaces also maximising the gardens sense of space. Low maintenance was a key issue, as who has time for gardening with three young children.We used contemporary trellising on the boundary walls to give clean lines and finish to the existing rustic London stock walls. I think contemporary materials sometimes work great with the rustic and old. I just like to mix it up and see what happens!!

The box standard architectural planting give a rhythm and architectural punch to the garden utilising the space economically and with style. The large feature raised beds bring a dynamic to the garden and keep things interesting.Artificial lawns are  now becoming very polar especially with young families  who don’t have a lot of time to look after a lawn and do gardening, which is probably most of us . A well laid artificial lawn will not only be maintenance free and look good all year round , but on those warm showery days,  dry quickly and allow the kids out to play , unlike lawn which can stay damp and wet for days.Good drainage is very import to an artificial alan and a good quality high density Geotextile membrane. You will get self seeding for above but these ae easy and quick to pull out if they establish

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Garden Design Wandsworth SW18 – Mrs Hargreaves

“The London Landscaping Company have provided me with exceptional service from the beginning until the end. They have been exceptionally professional at all times, clean and very friendly. “